New technologies in school: benefits

Integrating technology with classrooms goes beyond the use of computers and software, it requires active student engagement and a fluid interaction between teacher and student, collaborating as a group focusing on real world problems. Personal computers, iPads, Smartboards, TVs and Laptops are just a few examples of tools to this end.

The inclusion of social media and virtual learning environments in the classroom shortens the digital gap, meaning they help reduce the difference between those that have access to new technologies and those who don’t.

New classroom technologies make our students have an active role on their learning, provide them with tools that enable new knowledge and allow for costs reduction. There’s no need for graphic material and everything can be done through software.

People and school connectivity allow the interchange and discussion of new ideas, favoring educative innovation.

On the other hand, teachers can be greatly benefited by technological advancements to make their jobs more attractive since many of their daily activities can be optimized with the help of applications and devices, thus giving them more time to their formation which in time benefits both them and students.


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